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  ProJUS s.r.o.

Address :

Poličská 444
539 01 Hlinsko

Workroom :

Rváčovská 792
539 01 Hlinsko


IČO : 25935551
DIČ : CZ25935551

Contact person:

Martin Vaško
+420 777 028 310

Ing. Jiří Mejzlík
+420 602 250 004

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Development and manufacturing of one purpose machines:

Assembly and Production Lines:   (more..)

- we offer complete solution of the problems connected with handling, assembly, check
and testing procedures.

Mach. for automatic assembling:   (more..)

- we offer complex solution for automation
of assembling works. The part of
assembling can be quality checking etc ..

Assembly jigs and tools:   (more..)

- we offer complex solution for design and production of assembly jigs with pneumatic, hydraulic and electric components.

Testing machines:   (more..)

- these testing benches serve for the measuring and testing procedures that arecarried out at finished products, especially in series productions.

Commutator testing benches:   (more..)

- the testing benches are used for the automatic testing procedures in wich electric parameters of comutators are checked.

Machining - assembly operations:   (more..)

we offer assembly operations in mechanical groups including the instalation of hydraulic and pneumatic control units and electr. parts.

Forming Machines :   (more..)

- we offer the development and manufacture of machines for the separation and forming of metalic thin-walled pipes.

NC Lathe for Turning of Rotors,
Double-abort NC lathe

- the lathe is intended for machining of commutators mounted on rotors of electric motors.

Machines for rotor cutting   (more..)

- this equipment serves for the machining
of commutator electric motors.

Fence and hoarding, gates:   (more..)

- News in our offerr - we produce fence and hoarding, gates. More info on specialized web site. Enetr here.

Machine for round off
the edges of tubes:

- the machine is designed for chamfer of outer tube edges. Tubes are put into the feed magazine and load by the loader into collet.

Machines for adjusting and finishing
of plastic mouldings :

- these machines are used for adjusting of plastic mouldings where is necessary to cut out the sprues and ends after the moulding. The moulding is put into the two half tools. The system of driving the machines is usually providing by pneumatic or hydraulic and control by SIEMENS unit.

Machine for the stretching operations
at heating units - calibration:

- this machine can be used in the plants manufacturing tubular heating units.

Shaft grooving machine   (more..)

- this machine serves for the shaft grooving. By means of this grooving we can the make driving transition of the pressed conection betwen the shaft and an antipience. e.g. pack of rotor plates.

Sliding table:   (more..)

- the sliding table serves for the clamping of individual modul parts during their final polishing. The part is clamped onto a circular turnable table with T-slot and clamps.

Rotating loading mill:   (more..)

- this equipment has developed for the purpose of a spot-check testing the mechanical properties of rotors. This test is created out under the effect of centrifugal force within a certain time period at pre-set temperature.

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